Laboratory Facilities

The laboratory is designed keeping in view of the latest architecture with state of the art fixture.

Advanced models of Exhaust system and fume hoods:

  • Efficient removal of chemical fumes from the laboratory
  • Dedicated fume hoods for handling chemicals and fuming processes
  • Spot extractors in all labs for removing fumes from the lab directly from the point of its generation
  • Exhaust air is washed in scrubbers prior to release to the  atmosphere
Spot Extractor

Treated Fresh Air to Prevent External Contamination:-

  • Filtered fresh air
  • Cooled to internal temperature
  • Makeup the volume exhausted from the lab by fume hoods, extractors and exhausts
  • Helps prevent passive vacuum and collection of dust in the lab.
Modular Clean Room for Microbiology:
  • Modular partitions for clean area
  • Puff filled powder coated MS panels
  • Built in ducts for return air risers
  • Class 10000 classified area
  • HEPA filters in supply
  • Epoxy flooring
  • Double Skin AHUs
  • Clean room doors
Power Quality and 100% Power Backup:
  • Specialised equipment requires uninterrupted search free power supply.
  • Reliable and quality power supply systems.
  • Raw power needs conditioning system.
  • UPS with isolated transformers
  • Diesel Generators for full backup of equipment and Air-conditioning
  • Earthing facility for 0-2 volt neutral
CCTV Coverage of all Lab Activities:
  • CCTV cameras in all areas of the laboratory
  • Safety – help identify mishaps and take quick action
  • Security – helps keep the lab secure
  • Centralised BMS room monitored by security personnel
Secure Server Room and IT Infrastructure:
  • Data and IT key as required in modern laboratories
  • Automated backup of all instrument data – NAS
  • LIMS server
  • Firewall system for secure internet connectivity
  • Access controlled doors and Entries/Exit.
  • Structured cabling for reliable networking
  • Air-conditioned and UPS for 365x24x7 operation
Automated Glass Ware Washers:
  • Standardised washing procedure
  • Possible to validate the process
  • Avoiding cross contamination
  • Reduced glassware breakage
  • Reduced human exposure to waste
Fire Detection and Fire Fighting System:
  • Smoke and fire detectors
  • Hydrants at prominent locations
  • Fire extinguishers in all labs sections of lab.
  • Centralized BMS room for CCTV and Fire monitoring
  • PA system for coordinating evacuation
  • Exhaust and TFA system for smoke removal
  • Fire resistant solvent storage cabinets
  • 2 Stair ways
  • Kill switch for access control locks
Conference cum Training Room:
  • Conference Room with all modern facilities with a sitting capacity of about 50 Persons.
  • State of the art furnishing
  • Display panel for video and power point presentation
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