Scope of Activities

  • National Food Laboratory, Ghaziabad provides testing services to various regulators, for analysing food samples for conformity of food products as per Food Safety and Standards Rules & Regulations, 2011.
  • Laboratory analyses routine Surveillance samples, Legal samples, Designated Officer’s samples, Imported Samples, E.D, Custom’s and samples from various Government Organizations.
  • It also undertakes Research and Development projects for Quality Up-gradation, Method Validation and Verification for various Food Products.
  • NFL, Ghaziabad is working as a Referral Laboratory (Section 43.2) as well as Primary Notified Laboratory(Section 43.1).
  • NFL has established for analysing various food products under food and agricultural products such as Cereals and Pulses, Milk and Milk Products, Oils and Fats,Spices and Condiments, Fruits and Vegetables, Bakery and Confectionary,Ready to eat Products, Meat and Meat Products, Fish and Marine Products, Poultry and Poultry Products, Drinking Water etc. for analysing Quality parameters  Nutritional Labelling, Contaminants such as Heavy metals, Pesticide Residues, NOTS and Microbiological Testing.
  • NFL, Ghaziabad shall endeavour the highest possible standard of testing and to ensure credibility and impartiality of test results.

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